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More Ombre Blankets!

Zebra Ombre 1

Well Christmas is over… doesn’t it seem to come and go so fast?  You plan and plan, shop and bake and then.. poof… it’s over.  I feel a little bit of a relief and a little sadness.

In all the planning and business of the season, I was able to get all blankets got done in time…. barley!  Five blankets made since October!  Whew!  All gifts were given and I think everyone was happy with them.  Here are the last two I made, continuing on with the ombre theme.  The nice thing about these is that they work up pretty fast, the bad thing is that they take a lot of yarn!

For our youngest niece (6 years old)… my thought was girlie.  What little girl doesn’t like zebra print with a touch of hot pink?  Love how it turned out!

Zebra Ombre 2

And what do you think about the flower?  I was so proud of it, I kept showing it to anyone who would indulge me.  It came out so much better than I had hoped.  I think it really added a little something to the blanket.  Carol Ballard, of Cobbler’s Cabin, shared so many wonderful flower patterns on her blog, this one was my favorite!  (

Purple-TCU Ombre 2For our 10 year old niece I made a TCU themed blanket.  That’s where her dad went to school and so far where she says she wants to go.  Purple and white, of course, with a touch of grey.





Purple-TCU Ombre 1Purple-TCU Ombre 3


I took a little break from crocheting when I finished this one, turned out to be a very little break, by January 12th I was itching to start something new.  I found a very pretty stitch that looks like a shell and thought I might actually make something for myself.   I’m actually working on something else as well, a sort of experiment.  Hopefully it will turn out they way it is in my head, if so I’ll be sure to share.

Happy New Year!  And Happy Crocheting!







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