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Crochet, Crochet, and then Crochet Some More!

20141107_065503I have such a hard time focusing on one thing.  I get these ideas of something to make or do in my head and it’s so hard for me not to jump from my current project to the next new idea.  It drives my husband crazy when we’re working on one project and I’m talking about the next one.  I try to be strategic when I bring up my plans or ideas to him, but sometimes I just get excited and have to share.

That was how it was when I was crocheting my most recent blanket.  I decided to make a few blankets for family members for Christmas, and as I was working on one I got an idea for the next one.  I couldn’t resist, I just had to see how the new one would work and I had to start it.  I went back and forth between two, I kept telling myself to finish the first one before committing to the next, but I just couldn’t do it.  I finished blanket number 2 and even started the next while still trying to wrap up the first.  I’m so happy to actually have all three of them done within a week or so of each other!  And I can cross a few items of my Christmas list… I love that!  Rose-35 Granny Squares

The first blanket is a gift for my husband’s 91 year old grandmother.  I’ve had this pattern for years, it’s one of those pattern books that just has the pattern for this blanket.  I’ve looked at it so often, dreaming of the day I would make it (for me it would have been in green) but I never took the plunge.  I think I was a little intimidated, truth be told.  But it turned out this was  perfect for me!  I easily get bored once I conquer a new challenge, this blanket is made up of 35 different squares, so it was a new challenge every time I started a new square.  There were a couple of squares that I struggeled with, I o skip, I just couldn’t quite figure the pattern out, but I was so proud of myself that I eventually was able to go back to them and figure it out.  The colors I choose are rose and linen and I think it turned out really pretty, I can’t wait for my husband’s grandmother to open it on Christmas!

Rose-35 Granny Squares 2

The next blanket is for my step-mother.  She has a lot of orange in her house, so of course I decided I had to use orange yarn.  I loved the idea of an ombre blanket and saw several pictures of bulky blankets using multiple strands of yarn at onceOrange-grey ombre.  Combining all these ideas and this is what I came up with.  Two different colors of orange and two greys, that gradually blend into each other.  I used a combination of sc or dc stiches, not absolute patter as I went, it is mostly sc, but I would do a row of double here and there to change things up (remember I get bored easily).  I think it will go really nicely in her house.

Orange-grey ombre 2

Orange-grey ombre 3

For my dad I decided to use his college colors.  Navy Blue and Gold for Kent State.  I used three different shades of blue (navy included) and blended them into gold.  I love the idea of making these in sport team colors, I think TCU colors may be next (purple and white, with a touch of grey).  Oh the possibilities.  Or do I move on to one of my woodworking ideas?  There just isn’t enough time in the day!

Blue-gold ombre 2

Blue-gold ombre

Blue-gold Kent state