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Wall Art

So months ago I saw a window display at the store Anthropologie, they always have the most creative displays.  Anyway, this one caught my eye and my imagination.  It was different size paint cans nailed to the wall with different colored paint coming out of them.  I’m sure I’m not explaining it well, but trust me, it was very cool.  Anyway it got me thinking, I have this big blank wall in my dining room that really needs something; just how could I translate this cool display into my house?

Before I tell you what I came up with I have to tell you how amazing my husband is!  He is so supportive of my crazy ideas.  I want to make a giant clock on the wall, and he’s right there measuring it out and hanging the numbers so the circle is perfect.  I want to make a picture frame out of an old door and he takes me to the biggest flea market in North Texas and helps me scour the place for the perfect door.  He also helps me figure out details of the projects – we used house numbers for the numbers in the clock, and used all black and white pictures in the frame, both his ideas and both perfect suggestions!

So, when I come home from Home Depot one day with a couple of 3 foot dowels and lots of different colored paint samples he really doesn’t question me.  Here’s what I came up with, my very loose version of the Anthropologie display.


I took dowels of two different width sizes, they were each about 3 feet long, and cut them to three different lengths – 1 inch, 1 ½ inches, and 2 inches.  Then I painted them by dipping them into different colored paint samples I got from Home Depot.

Now if you know me, you know that I’m the kind of person who diDSCN1437ves in head first and figures out the details as I go.  I eventually got enough done that my husband could see where I was going with this and we started talking about how I was going to hang them.  After several ideas we ended up using an epoxy to glue the dowels to a thin sheet of aluminum that we painted black.  Two of the dowels are actually covering screws we used to add hooks to hang it.  There it is, my 3D art project, come to life and hanging in my dining room.

What’s next?  Well I have one more wall in my dining room that needs something (the ideas are brimming over!), and we’re just starting to renovate our master bedroom.  I can’t wait to see how those ideas turn out!