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More Christmas Crafts

on July 18, 2012

I’m a wanna be artist.  I really want to be able to paint, but it just doesn’t come easy. Abstract is more my style – who can say if what’s right or wrong with an abstract painting.  But I do love to paint and create, and really wanted to do something for the party.  I had gone to one of those painting classes, you know, where everyone in the class paints the same painting, and there’s lots of wine drinking!  I had a great time at the class, but the painting we did wasn’t really something I wanted to hang.  My daughter-in-law suggested I paint over it.  Love it!  It’s the perfect way to have some fun painting, add another decoration to the house, and not spend much money.  I just needed paint!  I had so much fun painting Santa’s coat I wanted to paint more.

I remembered I had three oval canvases I had picked up a couple of years ago for a project that never actually happened.  I pulled them out from under the bed, dusted them off (seriously dusty), and off to the store I went for a few more paint colors. 

Here’s what I came up with.  Poor frosty, melting in the snow!  Obviously not high quality painting going on it, but I had fun and it filled the space in my hallway! 








At the last minute I decided I needed to add one more element in my living room.  I had promised my husband that I would be done decorating the day before the party so we could focus on the food, but I just couldn’t resist!  I have three pictures hanging vertically on the wall and I decided it would make the perfect snowman.  I quickly covered the frames with white paper, cut out some shapes with my Cricut and a snowman appeared!  It was just what was needed in the room! 

Speaking of snowmen… I had a little surprise for everyone in the guest bathroom! 

It was fun hearing the first whispers of “you have to go see the bathroom”!  One of our nieces gave him a kiss every time she went in there, the other niece checked to see if his whole body was in the tub. So fun!


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