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Christmas Crafts

on July 18, 2012

Because I wanted this “Christmas” to be different, I didn’t want to use any of my regular Christmas decorations, so in order not to spend a lot of money I made almost everything. It gave me a great excuse to be crafty and I loved knowing that everything was hand made.  Here are a few of the ways I decorated.

Ornaments” in the fire place.  These are rubber balls bought from Wal-Mart for $1.50.  I covered them with Mod Podge and added colored glitter, I also sprinkled some of them with epsom salt.



Here’s the fireplace mantel of Christmas Trees.  This was so fun and easy.  I started with waffle cones and sugar cones.  I covered some of them with melted white chocolate candy (the discs you can get at a hobby store, not real white chocolate – it hardens nicely and doesnt get melty), and then dipped them in epsom salt.  I also spray painted the cones a color and sprinkled them with glitter or epsom salt.  Then I spray painted the white paper cone that was wrapped around the waffle cones.  To make some height I just rolled white paper into a cone shape, glued it, and spray painted them.  A couple of the sugar cones got wrapped in pipe cleaners. 

The waffle cones won’t stand up on their own.  I happened to have different size dowels that I had previously cut down to about 2 inches tall.  The cones sat on the dowels really nicely. You can also sit them on small spice jars, or paint bottles.

Next I made three dimensional ornaments to hang on the wall.  These are styrofoam balls that I cut in half, spray painted and added glitter.  The ornament hanger is a toilet paper roll cut in half and painted, and a piece of wire.  It turned out to be an easy way to fill an empty wall.


I bought a Cricut machine a couple of months ago and you know I was determined to find a use for it with this party.  What else but a snowflake table runner?!  I used a glue stick to glue them together, sprayed it with a Clear Coat and sprinkled a little glitter over it (can’t ever go wrong with a little glitter!)  It was a one-time use table runner, but that’s ok – it added some needed color to the drink area. 


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